Regulations of stay

Regulations of stay
in Osada Augustow

These regulations define the rules of stay in OSADA AUGUSTOW.

People staying in the facility are required to comply with the provisions of these Regulations.

  1. A guest of our Settlement is obliged to comply with the rules in force therein and to use the rooms in accordance with their intended use. The owner has the right to end the trip for guests if their behaviour is far different from the regulations and generally accepted moral principles without reimbursement of the cost of stay.
  2. The hotel day starts at 3 pm. Check-in takes place between 3 pm and 8 pm, and check-out is till 11 in the morning. The check-in should be made immediately upon arrival. In the event of arrival delays resulting from random events, please contact us by phone in advance.
  3. During the accommodation, the guests show the owners personal document of the persons covered by the reservation in order to check-in. Guests pay the rest of the amount on arrival for the booked accommodation or additional services on arrival. personal document osób objętych rezerwacją w celu dokonania meldunku. Goście dokonują wpłaty reszty kwoty on arrival za wykupione noclegi lub dodatkowe usługi w dniu przyjazdu.
  4. In the event of an early departure or resignation from the stay of guests for reasons beyond the control of the hosts, the amount determined for the entire stay does not change, and the down payment for the stay is not refundable. Guests for reasons beyond the control of the hosts, należność ustalona za całość pobytu remains unchanged, zaś zadatek wpłacony na poczet pobytu is not refundable.
  5. After checking in, the Guests receive the keys to their cottage, which they return to the owners of the farm on the day of departure - the Guest shall pay a fee of PLN 100 for losing the keys (lock replacement).
  6. The huts are rented for days.
  7. It is strictly forbidden to organize parties (birthday parties, stag parties, hen parties, etc.) on the premises of Osada Augustów. Organizing an event and disturbing the peace and quiet in our facility may result in the end of the trip for guests without a refund for the paid trip.
  8. In the case of extending the hours of stay without prior arrangement, the fee for the day of stay must be paid in accordance with the applicable price list.
  9. The quiet hours are valid from 10 pm to 6 am. Disrupting the peace and order during the day, causing inconvenience to other guests or residents, is prohibited.
  10. During their stay, guests are required to keep order in the rooms or cabins on their own. Defects must be reported to the owner immediately. Excessive damage to rooms will result in additional charges.
  11. Towels are issued upon arrival. In the absence of basic cleaning products (toilet paper, washing-up liquid, soap), please contact the owner.
  12. We reserve the right to not transfer the dates to holidays, long weekends and special dates.
  13. The reservation date can be postponed once at least 14 days before the planned arrival to another date. In the event of a request to postpone the date to another date less than 14 days before the first day of the planned departure, the date will be lost. Postponing the reservation date into another one may not be longer than 365 days from the first day of the original reservation.
  14. Reservation of the stay is considered to be made after the advance payment of 50% of the amount due within 48 hours of making the telephone / internet reservation. After paying the deposit, the guest has the right to change the booking date once, at least 2 weeks before the planned date of arrival. The deposit paid for the stay in the Osada is not refundable, unless the resignation is submitted within more than 30 days from the first day of the planned stay. Paid stay can be transferred to someone else.
  15. Guests, without the knowledge of the owners, are not allowed to take additional persons for overnight stays. The owner must be informed in advance about visits (in our understanding this is a visit of 1-2 h) or possible arrival of additional persons. Visits in the form of visits longer than 2 h will be considered a stay at the Settlement and the rate will be calculated on the basis of the number of hours spent. If no information is given and an additional person is accepted for the night, the guest fee is then PLN 200 per night per person. The owner has the right to refuse the arrival of additional persons. It is not possible to have more than 4 people in the cottage.
  16. The owners of the facility are not responsible for the property left in the premises. When leaving your rooms or huts, please lock the door with a key.
  17. We offer a free, unguarded car park. The owners of the farm are not responsible for the car and belongings left in the car park. The owner of the facility or an authorized person has the right to refuse to park cars under the cottage due to unstable terrain conditions.
  18. We allow small pets to stay in the settlement after informing the owners and paying the fee.

Regulations for the stay of animals in our settlement:

  • W Osadzie mogą przebywać only animals domowe (psy nieagresywne i koty w ilości, którą akceptuje gospodarz).
  • The cost of stay of each animal is PLN 20 per day.
  • Dogs must be walked on a leash and under the care of the owner or an authorized person.
  • If the bedding in the room where the animal is staying is dirty (hair, mud) or damaged, the owner is obliged to buy the whole set of bedding at the price of PLN 100 / item. soiled (hair, mud) lub damaged, właściciel jest zobowiązany do odkupienia całego kompletu pościeli w cenie 100zł /szt.
  • Dog owners are obliged to clean up litter left by dogs on the premises and in the vicinity of the settlement.
  • Cat owners must have a sand litter box and empty it into a plastic bag which will then be disposed of in a container specified by the owner.
  • No animal may be left alone in the hut for more than 20 minutes. The Augustów settlement supports travelling with a four-legged friend, but is not a hotel to keep animals unattended.
  • All damages to the property of the Settlement or the property of other guests caused by animals will be assessed by the owner of the Settlement and the owners will be charged with their costs.
  • A fine of PLN 300 will be imposed for failing to notify that the pet is in the cabin. 300zł.
  • It is unacceptable to leave pets alone in huts with the air conditioning on and windows open.
  1. Parents / guardians are responsible for the stay of children and minors in the Osada.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, as a result of random events or breakdowns, the owners reserve the right to cancel the booking 14 days in advance.
  3. Objects located in the settlement are owned by the owners and it is forbidden to appropriate them. The owner of the facility, having evidence of theft, immediately reports the matter to the police.
  4. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the cabins. You can only smoke outside the huts. Cigarette debris should be thrown in the bin, not on the lawn.
  5. It is forbidden to use imported or harvested wood in the fireplaces. Inserting anything other than wood left by the owner of the property is strictly prohibited. In the absence of wood, please contact us by phone. Fireplaces are an accessory, not a central heating stove, so use caution so as not to bring high temperatures to cracking the walls or the glass in the fireplace. Damage caused by the destruction of the furnace or walls (due to improper use) will be assessed and the costs will be charged to the Guest.
  6. The owners of the settlement have the right to enter the huts during the absence of guests in the event of: leaving the windows open during a storm or downpour, failure resulting from reasons beyond the Guests, for reasons caused by guests in the event of gross violation of the regulations, leaving the animals unattended for longer than 20 minutes, leaving the heaters on with the air conditioning with the windows open and to check the hygiene measures in the bathroom.
  7. Throwing moisturizing tissues, condoms, tampons, sanitary napkins, etc. into the toilet is unacceptable, removing the breakdown will result in charging costs as a result of the damage.
  8. On the day of departure, the Guest is obliged to leave the cottage in a tidy condition.
  9. Guests of the Settlement are obliged to comply with these regulations, health and safety rules and fire regulations. Failure to comply with the provisions of these regulations may result in termination of accommodation by the owners of the Osada without a refund of the paid stay.
  10. It is forbidden to destroy or transfer architectural elements of the building. In the event of excessive damage, the guest will be charged for the repair.
  11. After leaving the room or the huts, please close the windows!
  12. When renting a cabin, the guest is obliged to read the regulations and comply with them during the entire trip.
  13. 31.The host of Osada Augustów provides assistance from 8 am to 10 pm. Contact phone: +48 662 183 489. The exception to the norm are serious failures that prevent further rest.
  14. Breakfasts are issued from 8 am to 9.30 am. The time should be agreed with the host the day before. We reserve the right to not order breakfast in case of late notification. It is not possible to order breakfast for a smaller number of people than registered in the cottage (except for children up to 4 years old, which is not included in the number of breakfasts). It is possible to order vegetarian breakfasts by providing information before arrival.
  15. Children under 4 years of age can stay for free.
  16. The Augustów settlement provides basic equipment for holiday homes. If you need to use additional accessories (e.g. a large pot, bread knife), you should take them with you or buy them.
  17. The Augustów settlement does not have the option of charging electric cars. In case of arrival, it is best to check where it is possible in the area.
  18. A session in the sauna may last a maximum of 75 minutes. A session in the tub may last up to 120 minutes. The stay in the relaxation area must be completed before 10 pm.
  19. Matters not covered by these regulations are governed by the legal provisions in force in Poland.

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